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photographer wedding and eventsThis introduction profile is a short summary of the route I gathered a wide range of professional experience on.

The world of photos charmed me when I was 17 years old. After organizing art photos exhibitions in different subjects, I received my first assigments. I have been working as a professional photographer for 13 years.

I prepared the significant part of my work for papers which were published by the best in Hungary the Hamu és Gyémánt Publishing Company. Besides this I took photos for numerous national and international companies / like: Audi, Decanter, KPMG, Otp, Old Lake Golf Club,Davidoff /. I acquried extensive experiences thanks to my varied orders, almost in all fields of photographing. I prepared portraits of well-known national and international people, advertisements and product photos of noted producers, photo materials of international golf, dance and sailing competitions and the last 5 years horse races / Dressage and Jumping /.

My photos were shown on front pages, giant posters and molinos during years.

My pictures should talk about my work! View the webpage of my photos.

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Laszlo Bertalan